Operations Management and Strategies in Travel Industry A Modern Concept

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When overseas travel agency owners and directors, predominantly from Middle Eastern countries visited my Istanbul office and saw my “Travel Management” book published in 2018 in Turkish, insisted that I publish the same book in English. These comments made me excited and encouraged to publish the book in English with some revisions and additions.

Travel and tourism industry is one of the world’s largest industries and a dynamic engine of economic development of the countries. It is a great source of income and employment for countries that receive more international tourists. For this reason, the countries have increased their investment in the travel and tourism industry, Tour operators and travel agencies have the major role for the development of tourism. Their business has vastly changed in the past 20 years. They have to continuously adapt and redefine their roles to the changing environment and technology. As a result of this change, different approaches in management, operation and marketing strategies in the travel industry have emerged. From tourism products and services to operation and destination management, from management functions to the distribution channels, from reservation systems to marketing functions, almost all travel concepts have changed shape. In travel agency business besides the traditional (classical) system used for many years, neo-classical system and modern (contemporary) systems such as online travel agencies (OTA’s) and destination management companies (DMC’s) have emerged, intermediaries diversified and increased.

Pursuant to these developments travel operators who can keep up with these changes have created a wide academic and practical concept, theoretical discussions and most importantly different industrial structures.

This book provides a wide perspective with modern concepts to the operation management and marketing strategies in travel industry and it is divided into 12 chapters. Each chapter starts with learning outcomes. Basic principles and concepts of subjects are mentioned both theoretically and practically supported by tables, graphs and figures for a better understanding of specific chapters.

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