The Family Our Most Precious Treasure (Ailemiz En Değerli Hazinemiz)

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The Family Our Most Precious Treasure (Ailemiz En Değerli Hazinemiz)

The family is a magnificent structure that embraces, shelters, and raises us from the moment we were born. It is a social group in which we feel safe and supported in every aspect and learn about life and society. It is the longest-lasting place of interaction where we gain the basic behaviors and habits that form our personality. It is the first stop where we learn about religion and morals, values and spirituality. Therefore, a person’s happiness and peace is dependent on a healthy family. Society derives its strength from the family, and the family gets its power from the individuals who establish it. Each studies that supports family member’s empowerment regardless of gender and age also strengthen society. For that, this book has prefer - red to consider the person before talking about the family. A person who can understand himself, his existence, and the secrets of life will see all beings’ values, thereby adding many beauties and happiness to both his own family and the whole world.

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Ağustos 2021